Music Therapy Rocks

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of questions we frequently hear from our clients. If your questions are not answered below, please let us know!

How long does a music therapy session last? Session length ranges from 15-60 minutes. The length is determined by several factors: age, tolerance for activities, ability to participate, music therapist travel time, etc.

Do I need to be a singer or musician? Not at all!! All you need to possess is a desire for music-listening and music-making. This doesn't require musical training, or even the ability to sing on-key. You simply need the ability to have fun and work hard to achieve your goals.

What instruments do we play during music therapy? Piano, guitar, drums, hand-held rhythm instruments, kazoos, harmonicas and much more.

What type of music is it? Will I have to listen to all classical or really old music?
The music is tailored specifically to the client’s preference. We use music from every era: jazz, standards, rock n roll, country, modern pop, religious, classical, opera, show tunes and more!

Will this feel like typical "therapy"? Will it be difficult? Most of our clients have fun during music therapy. The trick is the music. Using music paired with a difficult task can give the client more endurance and motivation to go further. Imagine adding music to the rhythm of someones gait if they need to learn how to walk again. The music may distract them from the repetitive motions and help them to achieve more. The music can enhance learning, increase on-task behavior and increase endurance.

Can you teach me how to play an instrument? We used to offer this service but no longer teach lessons. If you are interested, I am always willing to refer you to someone.